Public transport Urban transport


Puerto Morelos counts with a total of 2 public transportation services available to the population of Puerto Morelos, bus and vans, these services go between the Coastal Zone and Villas Morelos II following an specific route.

The key differences between these two services are vehicle speed, the capacity of people they have inside them, and the ammount of units circulating.

Urban buses carry up to 29 passengers, have a cost of $5 Mexican Pesos, and travel their route in an average time of 35 to 40 minutes, there is a total of three units continuously circulating.

On the other hand, combis (colective vans) transport up to 15 passengers, have the same route and the same cost of $5 Mexican Pesos, being the key difference the fact they can travel the same routes as the buses in between 30 to 35 minutes, and that there is a total of 15 units continuously circulating.

None of these vehicles has a luggage rack, so it's recommended to travel as light as possible when using them, it's also suggested to tell the driver about your stop beforehand.​