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Advertising service.
MOSAICO, Puerto Morelos first print and electronic magazine. Published every two months, on A4 color pages.


MOSAICO. Puerto Morelos magazine, was born on July 2015th as a proposal from professional youths citizens of this beautiful port, with the objective to provide Puerto Morelos society with a new way information media. Our informative content, reports and interesting notes cover topics such as health, sports, ecology, art, science, social events, culture and entertainment. The advertisement spaces in our magazine are open for any kind of producs and services that are offered to Puerto Morelos and its visitors.

MOSAICO is directed to men and women older than 15 years old, citizens and visitants of Puerto Morelos alike.
With a socioeconomic level A, B, C+, readers with a love for culture, important social affairs, and best options for recreation and entertainment.


Our philosophy

MISSION:: Inform and entertain with interesting content, covering all most importants events on Puerto Morelos.

VISION: Become the first and favorite magazine with cultural, social and entertaining content for Puerto Morelos and its visitors.

CORE VALUES: Collaboration, truth, quality and ethics.

Telephone: (998) 348 83 31
Cellphone: (998) 578 85 98



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