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Discover the magical Riviera Maya with Aquanauts Dive Adventures

Explore the deep blue Caribbean waters that hold the world’s second largest coral reef. Colorful coral formations filled with vibrant sea life, fish in every color and size, ship wrecks surrounded by rays and phosphorescent plankton that guide your night dive, all await you. There are seasons to watch turtle eggs hatch and scamper to the sea. There are seasons when one can snorkel with the gentle giant, the whale sharks! No matter when you decide to visit, there is plenty to see under the sea.

Cool clear fresh water Cenotes, the underwater rivers of the Yucatan Peninsula, await to refresh your body and spirit. Flooded limestone caverns where jungle tree roots hang in curtains, stalactites and stalagmites, which formed when the caves were once dry and small fresh water creatures are the beauty of the cenotes. The play of light and water in the jungle setting is a sight not to be misses. Underwater caves excite the imagination and quicken one's pulse. Snorkeling and swimming in the Cenotes allow all types of visitors to enjoy the clear refreshing waters.

Ancient Maya ruins offer a glimpse into one of the great civilizations of centuries past. Their vast knowledge of the natural world has not been lost. Quaint pueblos show how the Maya people have kept their colorful culture alive throughout the years. Their practice of bush craft, agricultural self sufficiency and cultural interdependence in the community has kept their traditions alive.

Aquanauts Dive Adventures is located in the small fishing village of Puerto Morelos and is considered the gate way of the Riviera Maya, the Caribbean facing coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula. Puerto Morelos has an amazing selection of interesting restaurants and varied cuisine. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual. The cosmopolitan and internationally influenced city of Playa del Carmen is only 30 minutes to the south and the tourist hot spot of Cancun is only 30 minutes to the north.

We at Aquanauts Dive Adventures look forward to your visit and to the pleasure of exceeding your scuba diving expectations.

We are the longest running, Mexican family owned and operated dive shop in the town of Puerto Morelos. Come dive with the locals! We have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for the past three years in a row!

We look forward to hearing from you. The more information you can give regarding your vacation plans and diving experience, the better we are able to serve you.

If you are requesting a tour with less than 72 hours (3 days) notice, we recommend that you call us. Or if you choose, you can provide us a phone number where we can reach you. A quick phone chat can be much more efficient than a lengthy email exchange.


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011 52 1 998 126 7966 (Cellphone)
Calling from México:
206 9365 (Dive Shop)
044 998 126 7966 (Cellphone)


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