Taxi Taxis


Taxis of the Guild Cesar Martín Rosado provide the main taxi service of the municipality of Puerto Morelos


The cost of their services start on $25 Mexican Pesos and the rate varies depending on the destination


Unlike many other locations, in this service, taxis called via telephone and those took on the taxi site itself have the same cost.

The telephone numbers to ask for their service is

998 87100 90 & 998 208 8911

These are the taxi sites available on Puerto Morelos, you can take a taxi on any of them if you don't feel like calling.


1. Turistical zone:
Located a the entrance of the turistical / coast zone of Puerto Morelos (beach)
2. Federal highway:
Located on the Federal Highway of Puerto Morelos - Cancun, at the entrance of the road that leads towards the coast zone of Puerto Morelos
3. Villas Morelos I:
Located on Timon Avenue, in Villas Morelos
4. Villas Morelos II:
Located on Zetina Gasca Avenue, in front of the park of Villas Morelos