Playa ExpressBuses


Public Transportation service available on the federal highway of Puerto Morelos, they work as a way to travel to nearby cities (Playa del Carmen / Cancún) its service is fast, safe, and consistent. Vans pass through Puerto Morelos picking people every 10 to 15 minutes and their drivers have quite the ammount of experience on the field.



Combis or Vans are comfy and safe transportation services, they can transport approximatedly 15 to 20 people, and they have a boot for medium sized luggage on the back that can be opened by the driver for more convenience. Vans are equipped with air conditioner and are relatively fast.
By using Playa Express you can stop on different points of the federal highway, and, in the city, on some predefined places by the company, it is suggested for the client to travel with enough time since people stop on different places, as well as telling the driver where is your stop.