Puerto Morelos is the main and oldest port of Quintana Roo.

Formerly habited by the Ancient Mayas from the IX century trough the XIV century A.D. Fact that could be proven by thearchaeological remains located on the botanic garden “Alfredo Barrera Marín”. Although this is theonly botanic garden that allows public access, there are other similar gardens located behind VillasMorelos II and Punta Estrella.

It is said that the great Señor Kukulkan (who carried the same name of the God of the wind) created the League of the Mayapán Tribe that lasted during of the years 987 to 1185 A.D. The Mayan descendants in today’s state of Quintana Roo were a part of this tribe. From that time there were a series of internal fights, and in 1461 nineteen chieftainships in the peninsula of Yucatan were established. These were written down as in the state of Quintana Roo and named: Cochuah, Chactemal (Chetumal), Cuzamil (Cozumel), Chohuac-Há, Tazes, Kupul and Ekab (in the north region of Quintana Roo).

The geographical area of the present day Puerto Morelos presents traces of settlements of the Mayan culture belonging to the Chieftainship of Ekab, whose political influence covered from Cabo Catoche to Tulum. In 1893, Mexico signs with Great Britain the final treaty of the Belize-Quintana Roo border(Mariscal Spencer Treaty), and as a result Quintana Roo arose as a strategic region for Porfirio Díaz.

The inexact nature of the border, motivated President Porfirio Díaz to send the commander Othón P.White to that zone, with the purposes to enforce the dividing line, to impede the traffic of weapons, to reinforce the military campaign of General Ignacio Bravo against the Mayan Indiansand seek the pacification of the zone. And at the same time achieve a permanent establishment for the Mexican population (that had fled to Belize by the War of Castes) in the territory of Quintana Roo.

In 1929, Puerto Morelos was a town largely consisting of wooden homes, a lighthouse, a harbour, and one only street located pararelly to the coast and a warehouse. In September 1967, a powerful hurricane named Behula tilt the only lighthouse available, this lighthouse already resisted two hurricanes before in the year 1955. Later on, in 1988, a hurricane named “Gilberto” strike the town once again after entering the Caribbean Sea, and then, in 2005, another hurricane, “Wilma” attacked the town one last time,nevertheless, this lighthouse stayed strong, and no hurricane could knock it over, this old strong lighthouse is now the flagship of Puerto Morelos, it must be stressed that this wasn’t Puerto Morelos first lighthouse, there used to be a manual lighthouse whose foundation is located right next to the actual one, at a short 30 centimeters distance from the lighthouse foundation.

In the 60’s, some hardwoods were extracted (such as “Chechén”) to be sold to the federal government, the profits were going to be used for building and maintenance of the railways. Gum Industry faced a drastic reduction at the beginning of the 80’s due to two factors, the introduction of synthetics substitutes in the global market, and unforeseen natural catastrophes such as wildfires, and hurricanes. It was like this how Puerto Morelos became (until 2002) the main supply and storing center for Cozumel Island.

Today, Puerto Morelos coasts are home of all kinds of restaurants and handicraft stores, of development and promotion of tourism activities, of ways to encourage Mexicans traditional culture, of creation and care of natural areas, and a large etcetera. From their docks the second biggest coral reef can be accessed, it can also be accessed to old archaeological Mayan zones, to “La ruta de los cenotes”, to various farms and to an infinite number of cultural activities.

Not too long ago, in January 6 th 2016, Puerto Morelos finally was able to fulfill and old dream of their habitants, it finally acquired his own township. It became the 10th Quintana Roo municipality.