Shangai: pizza & chinese foodHome delivery


Shangai: Pizza & Chinese Food is an easy to find family restaurant with home delivery service.

With more than 15 years on the market, Shangai: Pizza & Chinese Food, is one of the pioneers of Puerto Morelos in the sell of Cakes & Pizzas via Home delivery.

Cakes on Shangai are fluffy, tasty, and economical as no other, the ammount of people and services that can rivalize with their Cakes is very reduced, 100% recommended.
The Pizzas on Shangai are also one of the best of Puerto Morelos, and what difference them from other business is the fact that Shangai has way more time serving to Portomorelenses palates, the variety of their Pizzas is to be admired, and is one of the few business with their Pizzas at a competitive price.
Their Chinese Food doesn't have anything to envy either, made from the best ingredients available, the taste of Shangai Food is unique and unparalleled, they have manage to cautivate the true Chinese Flavour on their dishes.
Meanwhile, their Home delivery service is also one of the best available on Puerto Morelos, they are quick, and efficient, with a very reduced number of problems mishaps, they delivery time is really short, and they are one of the very few restaurants with delivery service to all Puerto Morelos!

Shangai: Pizza & Chinese Food is, in few words, a family restaurant with one of the best home delivery services on Puerto Morelos, their time in the market has paid off, their food is delicious, and their prices are absolutely competitive, almost the best of Puerto Morelos and if that weren't enough they also have plenty of promotions during the week, such as 2 Pizzas for the price of one all Tuesdays and Thursdays, or packages that include various dishes at a reduced price.

So what are you waiting for? Try Shangai: Pizza & Chinese Food, go ahead, you won't regret it.


Telephone: (998) 206 9245 or 871 0171


General Information:
  • Cuisine:
    • Chinese
    • Pizza
    • Hamburguers & Fries
    • Cakes
  • Meals:
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
  • Good for:
    • Families
    • Tasty Cakes and Pizzas
    • Fast and reliable Delivery Service
  • Open Hours:

    7 Days a Week from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM