Hotel: Arrecifes Suites I & II
Event: Arpafest

General Information
  • Include:

    Secure a room in the hotel Arrecifes Suites on Puerto Morelos at a reduced price.

    1. If you preffer, we can make the neccesary arrangements for you to stay in Corales Suites or Eden Apartments.
    2. For more information please call us at our telephone number: (+52) 253 6060 and we will gladly assist you
  • Restrictions:

    - No smoking allowed

    - No pets allowed

  • Recommendations:
    • Make your reservation as soon as possible so you can make sure the room you want will be available.
    • Assist to the event at least 30 minutes ahead of time so you can get an adequate seat.
    • Plan your travel in advance to enjoy your stay in the Caribbean